Full Color Magnet / Sticker for Bomb Shelter Door [BS133]

Regular price $120.00

Product Descriptions:-

  • Hi-resolution printing with lamination
  • Standard common size 790mmW x 1990mmH
  • Optional of Sticker / Magnet
  • Full bomb shelter door size (whole sheet)
  • Door knob hole can be on Left or Right
  • Design can customise with a small design / layout fees
  • FREE installation. (Office Hour Only)
  • FREE ventilation cover sticker. (1pc @ U.P. $15)

What is the different between sticker & magnet?

Magnet  ($195)

  • Dismantle with ease
  • Don't stain the door surface (No glue)
  • Speedy installation
  • Fuss free design replacement


  • Slightly more expensive then sticker


Sticker  ($120)

  • More economical compare to magnet
  • Thinner than magnet


  • Longer time for installation / removal
  • Will have glue stain / adhesive mark when removal
  • Might damage existing paint work when removing