Acrylic Shield (Ready In 2 Days)

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Product Description
Primedia Table Top Acrylic Shield is an easy way to enforce social distancing regulations within your organization.
This protective barrier is ideal for take out counters, fast food establishments, convenience stores, banks, office
reception desks and hospitals.
The table top acrylic shield helps to lower the chances of transmitting viruses during everyday business transactions.

Product Features
3 easy step to set-up
Compact. lightweight & easy to trasnport
Easy maintenance with disinfectants
Heat resistant, suitable for indoor and outdoor application
Reliable protection against droplets from sneezes and coughs

Product Specifications
Material: 3mm thick acrylic panels

Dimension*: 600 (L) x 300 (W) x 600 (H) mm

Customisation is available to fit your specific window space,table/desktop,counter, with Branding logos or text slogans

Free Delivery for 2pcs and above.